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What the world needs now …

May 27, 2009

is yet another blog from an ex-newspaper reporter, right? Well, maybe not. But after blogging on religion for a couple of years at the Austin American-Statesman, including the 16 weeks of maternity leave I took just before resigning, I have come to realize that without my online commentary, my very astute observations about how our religious views shape our society, the world might just come to a grinding halt. The economy might worsen. North Korea and Iran might kick things up a notch. The temperature might rise.

So I am dutifully returning to the blogosphere. Who knows what the Statesman is going to do with my old blog “Of Sacred and Secular.” Maybe they’ll slap a mug of the new religion writer on it. Maybe they’ll have my successor start his or her own blog. If and when that happens, I may link to it. If I’m feeling generous.

In the meantime, I’ll be sounding off on religion, world views, ethics and other topics that fall into the “grand scheme” category. And though I’ll now be able to say what I really think about the mysteries of faith, the afterlife, dietary laws, etc., I will still strive for the journalistic ideals that guided me as a reporter — balance, fairness and accuracy.*


(* The author makes no warranties regarding the actual veracity of statements made in this blog. Balance, fairness and accuracy are not guaranteed.)

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  1. jay musfeldt permalink
    June 6, 2009 4:18 pm

    So that’s where you’ve been. I missed your articles. Call me old fashioned, but this 67 year old guy still prefers to do his news/oped gathering from a piece of paper over a cup of coffee.
    Regarding the athiest newspaper article: it’s interesting to note that what attracted this man to a church was not its doctrinal stance, but the evident community. Seems to me that’s what amazed the first century non believers as well. What goes around…
    A comment about blogs in general: If blogging is ever to be regarded by me as serious journalism, accuracy is important. I get the bias, etc., but commenting on unverified “facts” still sounds a lot like plain old gossip.

    • eeflynn permalink*
      June 6, 2009 8:52 pm


      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the feedback on the column. Interesting that you bring up the first century non-believers. Jensen referred to the early Christian communities when I interviewed him.

      Also, good points about blogging. I too prefer getting my news with an actual newspaper every morning. I have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and read it with my coffee. One of my favorite rituals! But I supplement that with online sources such as, the Drudge Report,, etc.

      I agree with you about accuracy, and that’s something I will definitely strive for in this blog. I was being tongue-in-cheek with the disclaimer at the end of the post about not guaranteeing accuracy. Though I’m no longer a reporter, after spending nearly 15 years in newspapers, I still want to stick to the facts!

      Thanks again!
      — Eileen

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