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Muslim woman urges frank sex talk

June 8, 2009

Here’s a fascinating story from the NYT that I meant to post over the weekend. It’s about a conservative Muslim woman, Wedad Lootah, who is a marital counselor in Dubai and has written a book about sexuality. I must say, portions of this story will likely make Western readers blush. But shock factor aside, it’s a good piece  for Westerners (and non-Muslims especially) to see because it shows a far more complex picture of women in conservative Islam than the stereotypes many of us imagine.

Ms. Lootah, a strong-willed and talkative 45-year-old, is one of a small but growing number of Arabs pushing for more openness and education about sex. Unlike earlier generations of women who often couched their criticism in a Western language of female emancipation, Ms. Lootah and her peers are hard to dismiss as outsiders because they tend to be religious Muslims who root their message in the Koran.

This is especially interesting to me because I plan to write about a Muslim woman (albeit a secular Muslim) who is taking on some similar issues herself.

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  1. pantrypuff permalink
    June 8, 2009 9:27 pm

    Question: If this book will make Westerners blush, what will it do for women in Dubai? How are people there receiving it?

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