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Unpacking Sanford’s religious references

July 2, 2009

Sounds like S. C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s is making some nervous Bible babble in the aftermath of his admission to infidelity.  He recently compared himself  to another adulterer, the Bible’s King David. Some folks just can’t stop explaining themselves after they’re busted. But Sanford should try. Especially since God comments are just making him a target for late-night TV comedians. 

The NYT gathered a bunch of folks who deal with religion everyday to provide some analysis of Sanford’s recent remarks. Among them is Chuck Colson, whose own political career unraveled with Watergate and who turned to Jesus for redemption. 

Colson writes:

If the governor looks at the Bible, he will see that the story of David is told as a cautionary tale (not something to be emulated) and that it led to the greatest writing of confession and repentance in the Bible (Psalm 51). 

I say save that religious talk for the confessional. For the public, just invoke St. Bill. We’ve already sent the message that we don’t care if our leader is a philanderer.   


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