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Talking life at the Catholic Worker house

July 9, 2009

Had a nice lunch with Lynn Goodman-Strauss, a tireless advocate for some of the “least of these” in Austin and the lady in charge at Mary House Catholic Worker. I brought the baby to meet Lynn and some of the guests, people who are struggling to get their lives back together after being on the streets and those who need a place to die with dignity. 

Lynn was raised in the Episcopal Church, converted to Judaism as an adulthood and then returned to Christianity via Catholicism after a near-death experience as a young woman. She’s known around town as The Egg Lady because she goes to day labor camps and hands out hard-boiled eggs and fruit and tortillas to workers. 

As we ate in the brightly-painted South Austin duplex, we got to talking about the pro-life movement and the letter to the editor she wrote about the murder of the abortion doc in Kansas. She said she put pressure on Bishop Aymond to speak against the slaying, too. Lynn gets tired of the pro-life activists who she sees as focusing all their energy on abortion clinics and antagonizing women who’ve had to make very painful decisions. Lynn says she takes a broader view of the sanctity of life, and I can tell you her work is hardly glamorous. The lives she fights for belong to people that most of us would prefer to ignore.

I think Lynn puts it well here.

In any case, I just hope she’s around if I ever need someone to fight on my behalf.

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