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Muslim condemns fellow Muslims’ behavior

July 10, 2009

I hear this complaint a lot: Muslims never condemn atrocities committed by their own people. They seem to be more outraged when a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli than when a Shia Iraqi is killed by a Sunni Iraqi. And certainly, they don’t appear to care much when non-Muslims are the targets of Muslim brutality. 

Picking up on that perception, Zafar Sadique Choudhury, posted a piece on the Muslim Youth of North America Austin chapter message board. Under the headline *Ugly Muslims* Killing Jews and Buddhists, Zafar detailed a couple of news stories in which Muslims were perpetrating rather dastardly acts against non-Muslims in China and France

Here’s a nice summary of what Zafar is trying to say:

If we wish to find justice and seek retribution for our causes and plights, then we must be able to speak up for others who are also suffering and have been treated wrongly, especially if it’s at the hands of our own.

Well put, Zafar. These heinous acts must be condemned by everyone.

But the fatalist in me knows that people of all walks of life will continue to do this to each other no matter what we say.

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