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New Waco Trib owner trusts in God, abhors Islam

August 6, 2009

image_8616437So, the new owners of the Waco Tribune-Herald, the Clifton Robinson family, made a small adjustment to the front page. Just below the banner are the words “In God We Trust.” Robinson, a longtime Waco insurance company owner, was also reportedly in negotiations to purchase the Austin American-Statesman with two other parties. But sources tell me that deal is off the table. We shall see., which ain’t happenin’ now because the Statesman has been pulled off the market

In any case, it’s hard to imagine Robinson’s worldview in Austin. Check out this letter to the editor he wrote to the Waco paper in January. An excerpt:

Yesterday, sailors had tattoos, women wore earrings, circus freaks had body piercings, prayer was in school and elsewhere, public schools taught at a high level, mostly pigs were fat, young folks dated, not “hooked up,” and drugs were non-existent. The list could go on. But I’m a dinosaur. I know.

Islam hates America and vows our destruction because of our values and support for Israel. As badly as I abhor Islam and its values, I can understand how some of its followers don’t like our modern values or lack thereof.

What tickles me is how he sets up America as this pit of moral decay and then shows an understanding of how this offends the sensibilities of some Muslims (who presumably don’t use drugs, get tattoos or “hook up”). So maybe, Mr. Robinson, you don’t “abhor” Islamic values as much as you claim. 

Side note: I discovered this Baylor message board that features some interesting reactions to Robinson’s rant.

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  1. August 6, 2009 12:49 pm

    It seems to me that he is ill informed. The way I understand it, it’s not Islam that vows for the destruction of America. It’s a group of people who happen to be Muslim and claim their efforts are in the name of Islam.

    I haven’t really read it myself, but I don’t believe there are any passages in the Quran that say “Destroy America.”

    Funny that a man so out of the loop of information (or who misinterprets that which he is given) is in the business of newspapers.

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