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Add this to your favorite anti-Israel propaganda

August 23, 2009

Two Israeli-Palestinian stories. One gives you hope until you read the other. 

First the nice gesture. This from the JTA:

In a move no doubt aimed at bolstering its oft repeated (and contested) claim of being “the most moral army in the world,” the Israel Defense Forces has announced special orders to its troops in the West Bank to consume food and drink inconspicuously during the month-long holiday period of Ramadan, when observant Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. In addition, road blocks and checkpoints in the occupied territories will work longer hours to accommodate for the increased number of people traveling to attend family gatherings during the holiday, which starts Saturday.

 Of course, this is when the IDF isn’t killing Palestinian children for their organs, according to the Aftonbladet, a Stockholm tabloid. You may have been following this upset over an article that accused Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs of dead Palestinians, kind of  a modern-day blood libel. Among the several things that are annoying, if not downright scary, about this “story” are a) Swedish officials refuse to condemn the article because the country has freedom of the press. Huh? I’m assuming you have freedom of speech as well, you dopes, which means you can express an opinion without becoming a censor. AND b) Some Arab media outlets appear to be eating this up, and no doubt this will just become another bit of anti-Israel propaganda used to whip people into a frenzy, possibly inspiring them to strap on bombs and board buses in Jerusalem. 


The Jordan Times recalls the Danish newspaper’s anti-Islam cartoons and wonders “Will right-wing US elements rush to reprint the Swedish Aftonbladet article, which alleged that Israeli soldiers harvested Palestinian organs for profit, in a stand for ‘freedom’?”

I don’t think this is the same thing at all. For one thing, only a few U.S. newspapers reprinted the offensive cartoon. That’s how sensitive the American media was toward Muslims. I’m not sure which “right-wing US elements” the op-ed refers to. But another key difference is the reaction. Jews in Israel (and presumably elsewhere) are organizing petitions and boycotts to make their displeasure heard in Sweden. They threatened to boycott Swedish products and withhold press credentials from Swedish media. They are not torching IKEA or rioting in the streets. 

But people’s minds are made up. They see what they want to see. I’m sure I’m guilty of that, too.

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