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Fr. Reese is right on: If Polanski were a priest, we would be outraged

September 28, 2009

The Rev. Thomas Reese, Georgetown scholar and former editor of the Catholic magazine America, made this astute observation about l’affaire de Polanski. What if he were a priest who had sexually assaulted a minor and then fled to another country to avoid prosecution? What if a Catholic organization was giving him awards and fawning over his achievement as a priest (conveniently overlooking the fact that he had SEX WITH A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL!).

Hmm….. ya think folks might get stirred up about that?

Polanski’s defenders, including a 2008 HBO documentary, argue that he should not be punished. They say that the girl was willing and sexually experienced and she has forgiven him (after receiving a settlement). They even cite his tragic childhood and life as an excuse. And besides, it is ancient history.

Such arguments from pedophile priests would be laughed out of court and lambasted by everyone, and rightly so. It makes no difference that the girl is willing and sexually experienced, it is a crime. It is the role of the court, not the victim, to decide who goes to jail and for how long.

You tell ’em, Father.

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