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Vatican proposal to Anglicans isn’t that shocking or unusual

October 20, 2009

Interesting news from Rome. The Vatican says disillusioned (read opponents of female and gay clergy) Anglicans can join the Roman Catholic Church and maintain their liturgy and traditions. Kinda like how they handle certain Eastern rites such as the Maronite Church.

Hmm …. So the Vatican wants Anglicans. No surprise there. The Catholic Church is always looking to expand. And the Vatican says Anglican priests who come to the Roman church can stay married. No news there either, given that there are many married Anglican (and Lutheran) priests who have converted to Catholicism and now serve as Catholic priests.

But this little proposal will likely strain relations with Canterbury. And from reports I read, it doesn’t look like many of the vocal conservative Episcopalians here in the U.S. are eager to take the RCC up on its offer. Ouch.

For greater depth, explanation and insight, check out these fine minds the NYT assembled here.

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