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Muslims condemn Fort Hood shooting

November 5, 2009

This just goes to show how much Muslim leaders have learned from the 9/11 attacks. When other Muslims do bad things, get out in front of it. Speak out. Condemn violence like crazy. It’s frustrating in a sense because, as in the case of today’s Fort Hood shooting rampage, we don’t even know if the act was religiously motivated. It just happens that the guy suspected of the mass shooting was Muslim. (Check out this profile cobbled together by the NYT on Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.)

But the point is, local and national Muslims were very quick to release statements condemning the shooting and offering prayers and assistance to victims. Among the groups speaking out are The Freedom and Justice Foundation and Central Texas Muslimaat. Here’s a statement released tonight from Central Texas Muslims:

The Muslim community of Central Texas – among them many US Armed Forces veterans – condemns in the strongest terms the shootings today at neighboring Fort Hood, where 12 soldiers awaiting deployment were murdered by a lone gunman, reported to be Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan.

Under no circumstances – religious, political, or social – can such an act be justified or tolerated.  Central Texas Muslims stand with their neighbors and join scores of other local and national Muslim organizations in offering prayers for the victims, condolences to their families, and assistance where needed.

Central Texas Muslims include many veterans and active-duty personnel in the US Armed Forces, and countless Muslims have served in the US military with distinction and honor.  We call on all Central Texans to come together at this time and emphasize our common values, respect for the law, and duty to our country.

F&J’s Mohamed Elibiary tells me that they’re using Ian Benouis, a combat vet and West Point grad, as the Muslim military spokesman. Ian’s an Austin resident, a trusted source and a great guy.


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  1. November 6, 2009 9:39 am

    For American Muslims to be viewed as equals, the Islamic Hierarchy will have to instruct the rank and file that all items in the Koran dealing with infidels should be dismissed and considered obsolete. The Islamic powers-to-be may well require to publish a new Koran, a la The Jefferson Bible, leaving out all references to violence.

    This is a situation similar to the Palestinians need to formally remove from their charters and other documentations, any and all refences to destroying the state of Israel, if they intend to have peace.

    As long as the Koran, in its present form, is the final and absolute document that Muslims must live by, Muslims will remain a thorn to the global community.

  2. November 7, 2009 1:49 am

    I’ve been having a little trouble keeping up (being in Taiwan), but I know I was a bit furious when I saw people essentially saying ‘Oh, of course, the shooter in Ft. Hood is Muslim.’

    I just don’t get why people were so quick to assume that it had anything to do with his religion (maybe we know that now, but we didn’t at first and that’s the point). It just was easily — and probably more likely even — that it had everything to do with his pending deployment and his emotional state after consoling so many soldiers who are suffering from PTSD or on the brink of it.

    While I think it’s great that the Muslim community is getting out their quickly to remind people that not all Muslims take extreme and violent measures in order to defend (or spread or whatever) their faith, it is, in a way, allowing those people to continue assuming the perpetrator did it in the name of Islam.

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