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Comment of the day: Turns out I’m Jewish and anti-Christian. Oy.

December 5, 2009

Oh boy. I remember this crank from the Statesman online comment section. Not sure if the Jewish community should feel insulted or honored by his confusion about my religious background. (I, for one, am honored to be mislabeled as a Member of the Tribe.) Anyway, if you need a laugh, check out this response to my column on the Christmas wars:

You just dont get it Mrs Flynn do you? Mr Zipp said his reporters would stop attacking Conservative Christians in the Austin American paper and here you go again attacking them. You are Jewish right? What if people around Austin started using the Hewbrew word for Shalom that the Palestinians use in Israel in place of Shalom? Most Israelis hate it because they know it is said to attack their culture. Would you be upset? When you understand the Christian culture then you can write about it otherwise your words are just noise and unfortunately the Austin American continues is policy of attacking conservative Christians.

Oh, Swt, I wish I could find you funny, but your condition is too tragic for me to laugh.

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