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Minn. Quakers say no marriage until gays can marry

December 9, 2009

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when my cousin in Minneapolis told me about this Quaker story. I guess it never occurred to me that Quakers would take a stand on gay rights. Apparently the Twin Cities Friends Meeting has decided not to conduct any marriages until gays are permitted to marry legally. (I’ve seen this done here in Austin, notably at Trinity United Methodist Church. A friend of mine wanted to be married there, but the Rev. Sid Hall, pastor, said he would not do any marriages inside the church because of the denomination’s policy on gay marriage. He did perform the ceremony outdoors, however.)

Anyway, here’s the deal with the Quakers in Minnesota:

“We’re simply trying to be consistent with the will of God as we perceive it,” said Paul Landskroener, clerk of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting, in an interview with MPR’s All Things Considered on Monday.

The congregation will continue to hold both opposite-sex and same-sex weddings at its meeting house, but will no longer sign the legal marriage certificate for opposite-sex couples. Instead, couples will need to have the certificate signed by a justice of the peace.

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