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Debate over NYT’s coverage of Uganda legislation on homosexuals

January 10, 2010

There’s an interesting showdown going on between the NYT and GetReligion over coverage of this Ugandan legislation that puts homosexuals at risk for the death penalty and which may or may not have tacit support from some American evangelical leaders. It’s complicated, and I’m too tired to try to dissect. So check out this post on GR in which NYT’s Paul Vitello defends his paper’s coverage.

I’ll just say this. I am usually first in line to criticize the Times But I think GR may be nitpicking. I mean, they may have some valid points about the coverage. But what’s going on in Uganda is really scary stuff, and Christians everywhere, regardless of their position on homosexuality, should be condemning it. Loudly. Of course I also think Christians everywhere should be loudly condemning the death penalty period. But that’s another post.

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