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Talking about Muslim Americans on the air

January 14, 2010

Went on my friend Khotan’s radio show today (Idea Loung on KOOP) to talk about religion in Austin. We spent a lot of time discussing Muslim Americans. And this recent study came up. Should have blogged about it sooner. The Duke University study reports that radicalization among American Muslims is very low, that Muslims in the U.S. are self-policing, that they’re becoming more politically engaged and more vocal about their opposition to terrorism.

The creation of robust Muslim-American communities may serve as a preventative measure against radicalization by reducing social isolation of individuals who may be at risk of becoming radicalized. The stronger such communities are, in terms of social networks, educational programs, and provision of social services, the more likely they are to identify individuals who are prone to radicalization and intervene appropriately.

Makes sense.

Oh and we had a very special guest in the studio:  Little Miss C.

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