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Religion headline of the week: Preaching to the canine-ites

February 3, 2010

Dog almighty! This is a fun story in the LAT. How can you beat a lede with a disruptive parishioner called Mr. Booby? At this Presby church, dogs are part of the service. Of course, it’s a shame that cats aren’t permitted, but this preacher probably knows that, given the choice, cats would rather do the devil’s work. Anyway, check it out:

The idea behind the service, (the Rev. Tom) Eggebeen said, was to make it more comfortable for people to attend the church, which has 120 members, discounting up to a dozen dogs that generally attend services. Cats and other animals are not permitted, perhaps out of a belief that of God’s many creatures, dogs probably need more ministering.

“The heart of the whole thing has been to provide a worship service for the entire family, including the four-footed friends. . . . Their pets are very, very important to them and virtually comprise a member of family,” he said. “I wouldn’t be in the pulpit on Sunday mornings and say, ‘Leave your children home.’ “

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