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Sexual abuse in the RCC: It just keeps getting worse

March 28, 2010

You would think the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church would have learned that when it comes to the sex abuse scandal people don’t want defensiveness or excuses. They want sincere apologies and accountability. This LAT piece looks at the ever growing scandal in Europe and asks did or does Pope Benedict “get it”?  Does he understand why people are so angry and devastated? Does he realize what needs to be done?

Interesting response from the Jesuit writer Fr. Thomas Reese:

“If you look at some of his early quotes, it’s clear that (Benedict) didn’t quite get it, nor did anyone else in the church at that time. But he did grow. . . . He learned and came to understand the seriousness of this problem a lot faster than a lot of other people in the Vatican, including Pope John Paul II. And he’s been a lot better on this than John Paul II.”

So what’s next? Remember Sinead O’Connor’s career-killing stunt on Saturday Night Live back in 1992? when she tore of up the picture of Pope JPII? Kinda makes you wish we had taken her seriously. Anyway, the Irish singer is calling for a criminal investigation of the pope. Check out this interview.

Hat tip: Bob Kinney

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