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Secular author on how to raise kids outside of church

July 14, 2010

I still haven’t read Andrew Park’s Between a Church and a Hard Place: One Faith-Free Dad’s Struggle to Understand What It Means to Be Religious (Or Not). And that should be remedied. But I do follow him on Facebook, and I think his book is essential in a day and age when more families are opting out of church.

There’s a nice Q&A with Park in the Huffington Post religion blog. I particularly liked Park’s point about not demonizing each other, regardless of our beliefs:

Religion shouldn’t be a taboo subject for non-believers, and vice-versa. Christians aren’t all moralizing prudes intent on bringing the rest of the world to Jesus. And atheists aren’t all dour, unimaginative jerks determined to argue the rest of the world out of their faith. Too often, we’re so busy trying to protect kids from dangerous ideas that we fail to model the charity and openness to one another that we purport to value.

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