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TIME on the Baha’i faith: “The little religion that persists”

July 8, 2011

A nice little piece on the Baha’i faith in TIME. Not much to add. Just pleased to see this religion highlighted. Thanks to my Baha’i friends and sources, I’ve been aware and concerned about the persecution of Baha’is in Iran for many years now. But a lot of folks aren’t aware. Hopefully more will be now.

After covering the basics of the faith in a very positive way (though skipping the prohibitions, such as alcohol, and views on sexuality), Karl Vick, writing from Haifa, points to the greatest challenge Baha’is face today:

Still, there are problems. Mostly in Iran, which, far from celebrating the birthplace of the faith, regards Baha’is as apostates. The problem is not necessarily with the teachings themselves, but rather with the idea that the Creator sent any messenger after Muhammad, whom Muslims regard as the final word — “the seal of the Prophets.” After executions and mob violence when the 1979 revolution brought Iran’s mullahs to power, the 300,000 believers who remain in the Islamic Republic face discrimination and even arrest. Seven leaders of the community have been jailed since 2008 on what Human Rights Watch calls “fabricated” charges of espionage and propaganda against the state. As part of an official policy of stunting their development, Baha’i youth who want to attend university must hide their faith, or take their chances in an underground educational system, because believers are barred from higher education in Iran.

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  1. July 26, 2011 2:46 pm

    Please share the petition with everyone for the Bahá’ís of Iran:

    Every signature counts!

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