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Gallup poll is good news for American Muslims

August 7, 2011

Interesting and encouraging though not surprising: The Christian Science Monitor reports on a Gallup poll that found Muslims in the United States are optimistic and loyal to this country despite the religious discrimination they face.

For instance, 93 percent of Muslim Americans say they are loyal to America. They have the highest confidence in the integrity of US elections (57 percent), and they are the most hopeful about their lives over the next five years, compared with other groups.

Yet 48 percent of Muslim Americans report they experienced some kind of racial or religious discrimination, a finding that places them far ahead of Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, and atheists/agnostics.

One reason for the optimistic outlook despite discrimination could be that Muslim Americans see their financial fortunes improving. Some 64 percent of Muslim Americans in 2011 reported their standard of living got better, compared with 46 percent in 2008.

Like I said, none of this surprises me, though I think it makes for very good press for American Muslims. And they are understandably pleased.

Another survey result: Muslims LOVE President Obama. An 80 percent approval rating — the highest of any religious group. I would be curious to know why. What has he done/is he doing that resonates with Muslims?

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