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Upcoming event: St. Ed’s panel looks at public discourse on religion

September 16, 2011

Very cool (free) event on religion and the media coming up this month (Sept. 27). Folks at St. Edward’s University are putting together a panel discussion on our public discourse on religion, looking at the impact of instant media and the accuracy of religion coverage in the mainstream media.

This is SO my cup of tea. Hope I can make it. All depends on childcare. As usual. For those of you without such hurdles, though, check it out. I know two of the panelists — Ed Shirley, one of my favorite people to interview about Catholicism, and Jena Heath, my friend and former Statesman colleague. I’m sure the others are equally impressive.

Again, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Maloney Room, Main Building (third floor), at St. Ed’s, 3001 South Congress Ave.

Here’s the press release:

Speaking Across Difference: Challenges and Promises of Public Discourse on Religion

Join St. Edward’s faculty members for a lively panel discussion on religion and public discourse. As our nation has become more diverse, questions of how to engage and speak about religious difference have become increasingly urgent. Panelists will consider several important aspects of this challenge. How, for example, has the development of instant media helped or hindered constructive speech about religious difference? How accurately are religions covered in the news? Finally, how can we move toward discourse that promotes a spirit of pluralism and constructive dialogue across faith traditions?

This panel is part of a year-long conversation on “Religious Violence and Interreligious Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities,” which is inspired by the ground-breaking Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate. This important declaration calls Catholics to engage in interreligious dialogue and to appreciate the world’s diverse faith traditions.



Billy Earnest, Assistant Professor of Communication

Jena Heath, Assistant Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric and Faculty Adviser to the Hilltop Views Newspaper

Ed Shirley, Professor of Religious and Theological Studies

Jenny Veninga, Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Studies

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