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Bob Jensen, UT professor, leftist, Christian

Senay Ozdemir, journalist/author, feminist, Muslim

Christa Brown, survivor, writer, activist

Keith Miller, author, speaker, optimist

The Episcopal Church, sexuality and recognizing one’s place in the world

Kerry Baker, rabbi, adventurer, mensch

Robert Wright, author, skeptic, seeker

Small churches, lean, outwardly focused, unattached

Jordana Raiskin, Bu-Jew, therapist, mother

E.J. Dionne, liberal, Catholic, columnist

Feiler & Kushner on Moses & fear

Don Miller, storyteller, adventurer, thinker

Jesus Alonso, Holy Cross brother, scientist, contributor

The Very Unholy Christmas Wars

David Gentiles, dad, friend, Jesus follower

Andrew Farley, Christian, professor, provocateur

David Zuniga, Buddhist priest, dad

Muslims and violent extremism

Baha’is and persecution in Iran

Faith and immigration

Homa Sabet Tavangar, mom, writer, student of the world

Philip Jenkins, religious historian, author of Jesus Wars

The Venerable Cintita, Buddhist monk, explorer, teacher

Pastor Tom Goodman goes interfaith but from a Christian perspective

Barbara Brown Taylor, writer, priest, “prayer weakling”

Muslims, free speech and sacred cows

David Taylor, artist, visionary, red beard

Austin Area Atheists finding community, challenging bigotry

Q&A with God Is Not One author Stephen Prothero

My moment in the pulpit

Becky Garrison, satirist, seeker

My take on the ground zero mosque

Christian Hipsters: Looking critically at “cool”

PBS documentary “God in America”

Roxana Saberi, journalist, believer, survivor

Gabe Lyons, author, innovator, Christian

“If you don’t believe, you can’t receive”

PBS documentary “The Calling”

Christmas, hospitality and Catholic Workers

Kurt Senske, author of “The Calling”

Jimi Calhoun, rocker, writer, contemplative Pentecostal

Tony Campolo on social justice, evangelicals and Red Letter Christians

Barbara Wendland, misfit

Kristin Swenson’s Bibel Babel

Why hell matters

Mother’s Day 

Vatican II

The Q

Evolution of Religion

Pastors and porn

Parenting Beyond Belief

Reasons to Celebrate Advent

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  1. George Flynn permalink
    October 12, 2009 10:42 am

    Howdy from Georgetown, Eileen. Enjoyed your Saturday piece on E.J. Dionne talk on the emergence of the religious left. Put me in mind of a young preacher who attended a recent Sun City Democrats meeting — yes, there are a few– to call for consideration of universal health care as moral rather than an economic issue. I’ve never heard such a man of the cloth. Ever since the “Moral Majority” of the 1960s and my personal dealings with super-conservative Catholic priests, I thought the religious center of the U.S. was Wall Street.

    Anyway, the preacher gave me his card which took me to this address advertising a showing of the anti-war documentary, Rethinking Afghanistan. Carol and I are thinking about going. Might you be interested? This is from his website:

    Welcome to Hope United!‎ > ‎Upcoming Events‎ > ‎
    Rethink Afghanistan
    Come join us at Pastor Ron’s home for a special FREE screening of the documentary:
    Rethink Afghanistan
    Isn’t it time we got out of Afghanistan?

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 7:00pm
    Pastor Ron’s Home (Map)
    151 Greenside LN
    Georgetown, TX 78633

    Refreshments will be served
    Including Jan’s Home-made Chocolate Chip Cookies!
    Child care is available with advanced notice (please email or call first)

    Is the war in Iraq / Afghanistan a just war?
    What would Jesus do?

    Come join us for this screening and some hearty discussion!

    You can learn more about the film and sign up at: Rethink Afghanistan

    For More Information: Contact: Ron Trimmer, Phone: 512.876.9097

    • eeflynn permalink*
      October 12, 2009 11:03 am

      Hello, George. How nice to hear from you! Glad to know you’re still reading. This film sounds very interesting. Even more appealing is the promise of homemade choc chip cookies. Too bad Wed. night won’t work for me. You know, I’ll bet I know one Sun City resident who will be there. Pete Szafran, a former Catholic priest who probably shares a lot of your views. Pete married my husband and me. Terrific guy.

      Anyway, sorry I will miss it, but thank you for thinking of me!

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